AMPLIFY Initiative on Europe Day

On 9 May, Europe Day 2022, ITD participated at the closing event of a project entitled “Amplify: Make the Future of Europe Yours”, dedicated to making the voices of artists, cultural workers, activists, and community leaders heard by decision-makers across Europe. 

At the closing event of the Conference on the Future of Europe in Strasbourg, representatives of the Slovenian Amplify got together online in a live programme in which our CEO Sara Božanić, on behalf of the Slovenian Amplify community, presented the challenges of the cultural sector. She proposed the following solutions: (1.) Support for greater professionalization in culture; (2.) More support for involving audiences in culture at the local level; and (3.) A system of national/regional co-financing for international cultural cooperation.

Amplify is a project working across 12 European countries bringing together underrepresented voices in the cultural sector to the Conference on the Future of Europe. During the project, project members work together writing a set of recommendations to EU decision-makers, focusing on ideas, hopes, and demands for a vision of the Future of Europe.

Over the past year, more than 350 participants from Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden have organized consultations to highlight challenges in the cultural sector, as well as reflect on the meaning of a better Europe.