Amsterdam, here we come again!

From November 20 – 22, Amsterdam’s city centre will transform into a platform for creative documentary films – the IDFA film festival – the world’s largest international documentary festival, where the latest and greatest documentary films, filmmakers and film lovers meet. We will be there!

We did it! Once again, this time as co-producers on board with the very talented author of a project called KILLER, PENGUIN, TOM, DOLL FACE, Tomas Tamosaitis or Joni Art, we have been selected for the 25th edition of the IDFA Forum, one of the largest and most influential assemblies of documentary filmmakers, producers, financiers, and documentary stakeholders.

Being one of 50 carefully-selected producer/director teams, we will have the opportunity to bring the KILLER, PENGUIN, TOM, DOLL FACE project to one of the most important breeding grounds for new documentaries and cross-media projects.

What started as an animated documentary film has grown into a 360-degree concept. Talking about transmedia, the animated documentary film has been transformed into 

additional formats; specifically, the animated web series (26 x 3’) and VR experience, all three being the key elements of the story, giving a view of the social exclusion and alienation of troubled children.

Based on the personal stories of children who are patients of the Child Psychiatric Development Centre in Lithuania, KILLER, PENGUIN, TOM, DOLL FACE should evoke a reconsideration of social values and phobias, resulting in systematic discrimination of those who appear to deviate from perceived norms and thereby become subject to exclusion.

With this project we seek to provide troubled and marginalized children the possibility to be heard.  

Amsterdam, let us give these children a voice!