And then we received an invitation from MIT Open Doc Lab – “Killer, Penguin, Tom, Doll Face” is flying to Boston

MIT Open Doc Lab, where the most innovative and progressive projects in the field of technology and documentary meet.

With the aim of providing troubled and marginalized teenagers the possibility to be heard – to give these children a voice – together with JONI ART, we have developed a 360 degree project, Killer, Penguin, Tom, Doll Face: a transmedia concept with an animated documentary film (94’), an interactive web series (26 x 3’), and a VR Experience being the key elements of this animated documentary project.

And we have been heard. Killer, Penguin, Tom Doll Face, the story of socially excluded and alienated teenagers, got a voice – and an invitation to collaborate at the prestigious MIT Open Doc Lab in Boston.

It is our great interest and pleasure that MIT has invited us to visit their Open Documentary Lab this coming spring with Killer, Penguin, Tom, Doll Face. We are so proud and happy to have the opportunity to present our work to the lab, to interact with their faculty and researchers, and explore new dimensions of participatory storytelling and web and VR based methodologies.

Killer, Penguin, Tom, Doll Face explores the potentials of technology and techniques, telling a different story in a different way, reaching new audiences and provoking new experiences.

MIT Open Documentary Lab is a center for documentary research and offers courses, workshops, lectures, and conferences, as well as incubating experimental projects and developing tools, resources, and critical discourse. The Lab aims to push the boundaries of the documentary arts and deepen the impact and reach of innovative storytelling. MIT Open Doc Lab brings together storytellers, technologists, and scholars to explore and advance the new arts of documentary with a focus on collaborative, interactive, and immersive storytelling. The Lab understands the documentary as a project rather than a genre bound to a particular medium: “The documentary offers ways of exploring, representing, and critically engaging the world.”

Boston, let us together give these children a voice!

This trip is co-financed by the regional Murska Sobota Development Center (
Razvojni Center Murska Sobota).
And special thanks and gratitude goes, therefore, to the Murska Sobota Development Center (Razvojni Center Murska Sobota) for their supporting innovative and progressive companies and projects from the region.