Cinda Real – an AR book co-produced with the School of Humanity

An online high school with an interdisciplinary curriculum and innovative learning model, made to develop students’ skills, mindsets, and behaviors by solving real-world problems.

This year, ITD had the opportunity to work with The School of Humanity, a fantastic progressive online high school Our CEO, Sara Božanić, was invited as a mentor to set a creative challenge to a group of students, one based on a collaborative approach and which required the students to develop a concept for an augmented reality app for our AR book Cinda Real.

The students involved were Akmaral Atalova, İrem Öztimur, Habiba El yousfi, Hajara Musa-Yusuf, Kamayani Richhariya, Raphaela Barros, and Salome Gvaramadze, aged 16 to 18. Building on relevant existing data and results of prototype testing, they developed an engaging and inclusive concept that will support our further development of the app, which aims to enrich the reader’s experience through participatory game-based tasks.

The School of Humanity is an online high school with an advanced model based on a cutting-edge interdisciplinary curriculum, with access to co-learning spaces in cities around the world, and a progressive pedagogy that makes learning engaging. It ideates and executes novel education models which make learning awe-inspiring. Their mission is to reinvent the global education system in order to better serve humanity; to equip youth with the skills, knowledge, and mindset enabling them to thrive in the industries of the future; and to contribute to human progress and self-actualization.

We very much look forward to further deepening this cooperation and to playing our small part in their mission to redefine education worldwide.