Cinda Real goes on tour

Following her two successful premieres in Croatia and Slovenia, Cinda’s journey continues with a mini-tour.

We are very happy to announce that our reimagining of the Cinderella fairy tale has been recognised and selected to be screened at some exciting and beautiful festivals. From our own country to the other side of the world, our modern day Cinderella continues to teach love and empathy to diverse audiences.

Cinekid, the Netherlands, 15 – 30 October 2022: Cinekid Festival is the largest children’s media festival in the world. Children aged between 3 and 14 years can watch new, unusual and striking films and television productions and meet their creators. They also get a chance to explore the MediaLab: a playful area filled with interactive art installations, workshops, games and apps. Cinekid for Professionals, an international multi-day event for the children’s media industry, also runs during the Cinekid Festival.

SEIZE THE FILM!, Serbia, 12-16 October 2022: The SEIZE THE FILM! film festival includes screenings of international films about disability, and the lives and achievements of people living with such. It also offers various programmes, such as film workshops, discussions with filmmakers and actors, exhibitions, performances, etc., in which people with disabilities participate. The festival has been held in Novi Sad (Serbia) since 2003, in Rijeka (Croatia) since 2011, in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) since 2017 and in Kotor (Montenegro) since 2018.

Out of Bounds, 28-29, Italy, September 2022: Out of Bounds is an international short-film festival based in Barletta in the region of Puglia. The open-air festival is run by filmmakers and focuses on showcasing the best independent artists and encouraging all aspects of independent filmmaking, seeking the unconventional, the unusual, the underground, the insightful, the innovative and the real.

Japan World Film Festival, Japan, 10 September 2022: Japan World Film Festival celebrates world cinema, art, and culture. The festival runs in three venues and cities in Japan (Tokyo, Nagano, Ibaraki), giving the selected filmmakers ever wider exposure. Cinda Real will be screened in Ibaraki, the biggest venue at this year’s festival.

Summer cinema at Golavšek Mill, Slovenia, September 2022: Golavšek Mill is a 300+ year old homestead, a listed heritage site, being renovated now to become a centre for education, creative workshops, cultural events, etc. Their summer cinema is one of the most popular events for children.

Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 16 August 2022: Established in 1995, the Sarajevo Film Festival is the leading film festival in the region, recognized by both film professionals and a wider audience. Cinda Real will be screened within the programme of Feature, Documentary and Fiction Films from Bosnia-Herzegovina.

We can’t wait to hear the feedback from all these audiences. There will certainly be more news and screenings to come, so we will keep you posted.