Cosmic Track at Arterija – The 8th International Festival of Visual Arts

With the title “Let there be … bicycle”, paraphrasing the Old Testament line, And there was light, this festival was all about the bicycle.

Dalibor Kazija has been invited as one of 30 authors to present his work dedicated to the theme of the bicycle at the International Festival of Visual Arts, Arterija, marking the 200-year anniversary of the invention of the bicycle.  

Dalibor’s animation, with the title “Cosmic Track” (Kozmička kolotečina), was presented on the main square in front of the Lapidarium Museum in the very center of the beautiful old town of Novigrad. From 17 to 22 August, Novigrad, a lovely tourist destination located on the northeastern coast of the Istrian peninsula, was turned into an exhibition space, presenting numerous artistic interventions, exhibitions, and presentations in both visible and hidden places in the old town. 

The Festival introduced the concepts of “cycling”, “recycling”, “green”, “running”, and “turned”, expressed through modern and contemporary art practices, literature, animated or feature films, workshops, toys, as well as through the metaphor of historical and scientific facts.

Presented on the main square, Dalibor’s animation attracted a remarkable number of visitors, as well as building feedback and praise.