Creativity that delivers

Our story is about the Institute for Transmedia Design.

A modern, smart, beautiful, trustworthy institution that always smells of good coffee. Its space is filled with artwork, books, papers and pencils for all those talented people who want to stop by and write down their thoughts, create and inspire, or who want to be inspired themselves. It is the place where we meet, create ideas, work out concepts and feed others with fresh knowledge, a passion for creativity, opportunities for innovation – and good coffee. It is an institution whose walls are built of talented people who generate and communicate big ideas and co-design transmedia landscapes.

The work that comes out of our space is a synergy of the physical world and technologically advanced systems. Our knowledge is the knowledge of the modern age. We lead companies towards a healthier future because we are a multifaceted creative community involved in internal projects, promoting local and international discussion, cultural exchange and education in transmedia design. We bring together knowledge, culture, enterprise and project spaces, which are a key part of our institution’s DNA and shape our work and our strong belief in collaboration.

We learn from everyone and we share what we learn.

We are a smart institution focused on story and technology driven innovation.