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Our story is about the Institute for Transmedia Design.

A smart, trustworthy institution at the forefront of transmedia design methodology and practice. Over the years, the Institute for Transmedia Design has established itself as a meeting place for talented individuals from all over the world, all of whom share a love for creativity and innovation.

Since its foundation in 2013, our passionate community has been involved in the co-creation and implementation of many ambitious, bold, and uniquely inspiring projects.

We create immersive stories, develop effective impact strategies, and design meaningful learning experiences.

The work that emerges from our space is a synergy of the physical world and technologically advanced systems. We carry out research, production, dissemination, and educational activities in a variety of formats in order to bring a whole new dimension of experience to our audiences. We develop open participatory methodologies that can be used and implemented in different contexts to make it possible for similar projects to emerge and have an impact in different areas.

We use our knowledge and creativity to ask challenging questions and fuel social impact.

We are committed to producing responsible and meaningful work that challenges the status quo, strives for greater equality, diversity, and inclusion, and rethinks the dynamics between producers and audiences. We believe in the power of participatory co-creation and the potential of unconventional storytelling techniques across multiple channels and platforms to spread great ideas that can transport our societies and lay the foundation for a more inclusive culture.

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