Disco School heading to Vienna Design Week

One of our latest projects, developed in collaboration with designers Jimmy Loizeau and Matt Ward in Murska Sobota – Disco School, will be presented at Vienna Design Week in September 2022. 

What a beautiful continuation of our journey! We got invited by the organizers of Vienna Design Week and SKICA – Slovenian Cultural Information Center to present the results of Disco School, a participatory project aimed at inspiring and engaging local communities to re-imagine a new vision for the future of their city. Alongside the presentation of the results, we will also run a three-day workshop for children of Kenyongasse Educational Center, to develop artworks inspired by the city and its citizens, and new scenarios for an inclusive multicultural future. The pupils will then continue expanding the workshop during the next school semester under the guidance of their teachers Michaela Landrichter (Vienna project leader), Christine Gobbi, Filiz Isabel Türkyilmaz, Katharina Müller, and Philipp Tyran.

The new exhibition with the workshop outcomes will be presented at the next Vienna Design Week in 2023, and then at the “Le Corbusier” Cultural Center, along with works produced in seven more elementary schools, as Disco School is once again traveling to France. After a successful group exhibition in Firminy at the “Le Corbusier” Cultural Centre, our project attracted much attention and interest from the local community, leading to a new collaboration on the initiative of the municipality of Firminy, which involves working with five local primary schools. The project will also continue in Murska Sobota, where it started, so that the final exhibitions will showcase the work produced in a total of eight (8) schools.


Disco School is co-produced by the Institute for transmedia design, with the support of the Centre for Creativity, the Municipality of Murska Sobota, Primary School III Murska Sobota, MIKK – Youth and Culture Club Murska Sobota, the Institute for Culture, Tourism and Sport Murska Sobota, the Municipality of Ljubljana, the “Le Corbusier” Cultural Centre, the Municipality of Firminy, the Kenyongasse Educational Center, Vienna Design Week, SKICA – Slovenian Cultural Information Center, Academia Maribor, Goldsmiths University of London, and the Academy of Arts in Split.