Exploring modes of cultural cooperation between Europe and Africa – DECONFINING

ITD is one of the twelve partners working on the ‘Deconfining Arts, Culture and Policies in Europe and Africa’ project, featuring 250 artists, 2500 cultural organizations representatives, and 400 cultural stakeholders working to provide better access for intercontinental mobility and transnational cultural co-creation. 

Starting in July this year, we embarked on an exciting new project aimed at creating new, equal cultural ties between Europe and Africa by developing a sustainable reference model of cooperation that will later be extended to other regions of the world. This project aims to better understand confinement patterns from different points of view from an intercontinental perspective, while reinforcing new ways of collaboration between different cultural and creative sectors from both continents.

The project, which will last 48 months (from 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2026), brings together cultural producers, research institutions, cultural governmental bodies/institutions and a private non-governmental institution. The project is led by the International Theatre Institute (Germany) and involves the following project partners and Intercontinental Cooperation Organisations from Europe and Africa (in alphabetical order of the countries in which they are located): Africapitales (African Capital of Culture, panafrican), Bad Ischl – Salzkammergut 2024 (Austria), On the move.org (Belgium), Les Récréâtrales (Burkina Faso), the Opera Village Africa (Burkina Faso), the “Ivan Zajc” Croatian National Theater in Rijeka (Croatia), the Prague Art and Theatre Institute (Czech Republic), the Pro Prograssione (Hungary), the National Kaunas Drama Theatre (Lithuania), the Festival sur le Niger (Mali), Bodo 2024 (Norway), Art Transparent (Poland), the Rwanda Arts Initiative (Rwanda), the National Theater of Dakar (Senegal), the Raw Material Company (Senegal), the Institute for Transmedia Design (Slovenia), the Goethe Institut Madrid (Spain, Germany), the Nafasi Art Space (Tanzania), the Culture Funding Watch (Tunisia), the Nyege Nyege Festival (Uganda), and the Museum of Women’s History (Zambia).

The ITD team, led by our CEO Sara Božanić, including transmedia specialist Mateja Filipović-Sandalj, media design director Oleg Šuran, and senior IT developer Robert Ferencek, will take care of the project’s visibility, managing the transnational communication and dissemination of project activities and results on both continents. Sara Božanić is also part of the project steering committee, which is responsible for the strategic segment of the project and for the making of recommendations for EU policy in the field of transnational cooperation.


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The project is funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.