FREE ZONE masterclass in Belgrade

The Free Zone Film Festival fosters an international dialogue on topical issues in the world today.

With love from Belgrade…

…ITD’s CEO, transmedia mastermind and true Belgrade- lover, Sara Božanić, was invited to the FREE ZONE Film Festival in November 2016. Lecturing at the Free Zone Masterclass event on the topic of The Space of Interactive Distribution: Audience as an active participant in the film narrative and distribution strategies, using two case studies, Ukrainian Sheriffs and Cinda Real, Sara enthralled the audience and received an outstanding response from the people present in the hall and beyond. New friendships and partnerships were born, but that’s just what happens at the Belgrade film festival.

The FREE ZONE Film Festival is an increasingly popular annual film festival and part of a broader initiative that runs throughout the year. The film festival is meant to promote, re-think and understand todays society. It fosters an international dialogue on topical issues in the world today. The festival showcases documentaries, fiction features and short films that address human rights and related issues, bringing together filmmakers, film experts and documentary film enthusiasts from all over the world. This festival showcases films that are eye-opening and sobering in order to provide access to alternative depictions of reality.

So for next time, let’s make sure we meet in Belgrade at the FREE ZONE Film Festival! It’s awesome!