Friends of the Future workshop in Budapest

Scripting, marketing, distributing and financing transmedia works.

ITD’s founder, transmedia designer and strategist, Sara Božanić, has been invited to host a workshop on the methods and possibilities of transmedia storytelling at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest, 27 – 29 January.

Transmedia storytelling offers countless possibilities for the creators to tell stories that can be experienced across a range of platforms and modes of storytelling. The aim of the workshop will be to examine how filmmakers, artists and designers can utilise new mass media formats, alternative narratives, “fictioning” and performance to activate alterity and challenge dominant social norms via transmedia means.

Using the 1990s TV sitcom “Friends” as a format to discuss the future and transmedia means of communications, selected participants will re-write an experimental, non-linear version of the sitcom, offering a new representation of friendship, urban living employment and love. They’ll be examining transmedia storytelling characteristics and the processes of scriptwriting, distribution, marketing and financing of transmedia works.

Friends of the Future workshop will use a method for re-scripting the TV sitcom “Friends” designed by Jimmy Loizeau, Dash MacDonald, James Auger and Matt Ward for the purposes of the Future Friends workshop organized by ITD in Maribor, April 2019.

You can read more about the workshop here.