ITD at the first Mediamorfosis EDUCA program

Our CEO Sara Božanić attended this year’s Mediamorfosis festival, where she presented the Institute’s projects and conducted a workshop for high school students.

This year’s edition of the Latin American New Media Festival, Mediamorfosis, launched its first version of the Educa program, and our CEO Sara Božanić was invited to be its first tutor. The programme was born out of the need to integrate immersive technologies into learning processes in Chile. It included a presentation of virtual reality content specifically selected for school audiences, as well as a training day for the educational community, and a hands-on lab for students.

In the workshop, Sara provided the key knowledge needed to create technologically advanced stories. Four schools took part in the workshop: two private and two public. The teaching method used was specially designed for adolescents, and a total of 80 children, four (4) teachers and two (2) assistants participated in this educational process. The outcome of the workshop will be presented to the public at the Mediamorphosis Conference of 2023.

In addition to the workshop, Sara was invited to participate in the conference programme by presenting two of ITD’s case studies – Disco School and Twisted Tales, and providing ways and examples of how to successfully weave storytelling through channels and design methods focused on audience development and participatory creation.

Mediamorfosis is Latin America’s educational platform for the promotion and development of new immersive media content. Since 2014, the festival has been inviting filmmakers, XR (Extended Reality) artists, independent producers, distributors, government institutions, media, and companies to explore the use of technology to open up expressive possibilities and analyze the change in the working environment of the whole industry. The conference is attended by more than 2,000 visitors each year in different cities of the LAT (Valparaiso, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Montevideo).