Meet the Professional – Coaching at the IDFA Academy

We heart Amsterdam! Especially during the month of November, when the IDFA film festival transforms Amsterdam’s city centre into a hub for documentary films and knowledge exchange.

In November 2016 our CEO, Sara Božanić, was invited to participate at the IDFA Academy Meet the Experts event, where experts share their professional knowledge on different subjects and create networking opportunities.

Sara was only too happy to collaborate with the talented filmmakers gathered at the IDFA Academy event, which she considers an important opportunity to stimulate local and international documentary filmmakers and cultures, fostering a truly global film via the art of transmedia communication.

IDFA is a renowned international film festival that brings together the latest and greatest domestic and international films, filmmakers and film lovers. It is the world’s largest documentary film festival and has been held annually since 1988 in Amsterdam.

For many years to come, see you in Amsterdam!