Cinda Real on tour (updated)

We are very happy to announce that our reimagining of the Cinderella fairy tale has been recognised and selected to be screened at some exciting festivals and in many local kindergartens. From our own country to the other side of the world, our modern day Cinderella continues to teach love and empathy to diverse audiences.


Deconfining – What Does it Mean?

As one of the partners in the Deconfining Arts, Culture, and Policies in Europe and Africa project, the Institute for Transmedia Design will participate in the first Partner Forum of the project, which will take place online on 25 November. This will be an opportunity for the participants to get to know each other better…


Interakcije 2022 workshop in Split

Interakcije, the educational platform of the Department of Visual Communication Design at the Arts Academy in Split, will host a three-day workshop/seminar entitled “Community Resilience: Building Common Futures” addressing contemporary design practices in the local context, with local communities and toward common futures. The event is aimed at students and young practitioners in the field…


Disco School heading to Vienna Design Week

What a beautiful continuation of our journey! We got invited by the organizers of Vienna Design Week and SKICA – Slovenian Cultural Information Center to present the results of Disco School, a participatory project aimed at inspiring and engaging local communities to re-imagine a new vision for the future of their city. Alongside the presentation…


Eyes of Shame selected for Venice Production Bridge!!!

The Venice Gap-Financing Market, organized as part of the Venice Production Bridge,  is a platform aiming to support European and international producers of fiction films, documentaries, and immersive projects to secure financing for their projects through one-to-one meetings with potential and pertinent international professionals. This year’s edition of the Venice Gap-Financing Market will take place…


Cinda Real – an AR book co-produced with the School of Humanity

This year, ITD had the opportunity to work with The School of Humanity, a fantastic progressive online high school Our CEO, Sara Božanić, was invited as a mentor to set a creative challenge to a group of students, one based on a collaborative approach and which required the students to develop a concept for an…


Exploring modes of cultural cooperation between Europe and Africa – DECONFINING

Starting in July this year, we embarked on an exciting new project aimed at creating new, equal cultural ties between Europe and Africa by developing a sustainable reference model of cooperation that will later be extended to other regions of the world. This project aims to better understand confinement patterns from different points of view…