Every component of their exhaust is carefully designed and constructed by a highly skilled team of designers, engineers and architects.

A pioneer in its field, Akrapovič is widely recognised as a highly innovative exhaust system technology company. Their success has been built on the technology and knowledge of the company’s engineers as well as on the close relationship with more than 50 motorcycle racing teams – more than 80 world championship titles have been won.

Every component of their exhaust is carefully designed and constructed by a highly skilled team of designers, engineers and architects.

A multidisciplinary team partnered with the client to deliver their vision, ultimate quality and Akrapovič’s story via a new website.

The Seal Where Storytelling And Technology Intersect

The project was approached by a team of young, creative and highly talented individuals; each of them created an important piece of a puzzle that ended up fitting together perfectly.


Akrapovič’s old website was so outdated that it was meaningless to try to upgrade it – it wasn’t showing any business or communication results, and the bounce rate was too high. ITD refreshed the design and managed to lower the bounce rate to a satisfactory 21%.  A great deal of detailed planning and carefully defined processes were involved, as well as a large number of people, to reach this point.


We first analysed the industry trends and researched how users searched for such products on Google . We then set Akrapovič’s strategic and communication goals and clearly defined their target audience. After reevaluating the demand potential on their target markets, we set up the priority markets for implementation of these new strategies. We then created the long-term communication strategy and set out the key metrics and the method used to measure the success of implementation.

The analytical part consisted of more stages. The first was the competition media analysis, where we analysed their website communications, social media communications, forums, promotional material, and so on. The most important part of this analysis was to find out how users on the pre-defined markets searched for a product.

Another important part of this project was interviewing Akrapovič’s employees, gathering the company’s key business and strategic details, as well as obtaining target group details by running interviews and analysing their social media communications.

The gathered information were of key importance when preparing the concept of the Akrapovič website and for implementation of the SEO strategy and the communication concept. We also needed to take into consideration the client’s demands.

All these analyses helped us conclude that the website content had to tell the story of the company and its products in a way that was already known to its existing fan base. It is then that we decided to integrate the famous and distinctive ‘Akrapovič sound’ into the website.

These steps were necessary to create a new and efficient website. Every detail you see or hear (or don’t even notice) was thoroughly thought through. The number of generic keyword searches keeps rising.

Check out the website here.