Bitcon-based Payment Service

Creativity that delivers

Cashila is a Europe-based service allowing customers to pay bills, wire money, top up cards and make purchases using Bitcoin. The idea behind this service is to make Bitcoin payments fast, simple, secure and inexpensive, with the convenience of being able to use Cashila services from anywhere in the world at any time.

Cashila’s founders, Janez Valjavec i and Tim Mitja approached the Institute for Transmedia Design for help in creating the ultimate Bitcoin payment experience, with the aim of making complex operational environments easy and secure for users.

By implementing social media platforms, we were able to define our target audience and develop relevant and meaningful content. We performed a ‘do it yourself’ analysis in order to discover the benefits of digital currency payments, and conducted research into market potentials, the objective being to identify the potentials of P2P digital currency payments and any major problems and opportunities in this area.

Taking into consideration the client’s demands and the information gathered, we have managed to build a clear picture of how best to engage with our target audience.
This was essential if the the platform were to be fully successful.