Norma Belle

Creative concept: The point here storytelling and technology intersect.

‘Norma Belle’ is a signature love song from Parni Valjak to celebrate their 40th anniversary. Founded in 1975, Parni Valjak are one of the top rock bands in Croatia. They have left their mark on the rock and pop-rock scene in the former Yugoslavia and most definitely intend to continue to do so. To celebrate their anniversary, the band decided to offer their fans an amazing on-stage experience that is at the same time entertaining, creative and artistic.

The members of the band approached our talented designer Dalibor Kazija with a mission to create a background video to accompany their new single. And so Dalibor’s quest to make an amazing video began.

Dalibor also furnished the band’s tour with a set of animations, featuring a powerful real-time performance.

The creative concept behind the making of the video was to intertwine reality with dreams, and to showcase the transformation from the darkness created by everyday struggles into the light that only love is able to create. To do so, the video was to be created through a combination of animation and live action shots of the band members.The band was also filmed in a studio in Zagreb using basic green screen with two different lighting installations. The recordings were combined with animation in a fresh and fluid way during the production.

The final video presents the two worlds in animation as well as in colour. While the animations reference the song’s lyrics, the story behind the song is captured by the colours, ranging from b&w to a full spectrum of colour and life. The concept and direction, as well as the illustrations, animation, installation and post-production, were the responsibility of Dalibor Kazija, an important member of ITD’s creative team. The video was shot by the Vizual 7 production company.

The Norma Belle Story was a roaring success, earning the band a huge amount of praise from fans and Dalibor the chance to work with the band on future projects.