36 Mountains

Of the 21 finalists, there was only one from Slovenia: ITD’s lead designer and illustrator, Dalibor Kazija. Dalibor’s illustration was shown at an international exhibition that travelled from Croatia to France.


In May 2015 the Croatian design portal, Vizkultura, announced its participation in a new festival, 36 MOUNTAINS, one entirely dedicated to illustration and the first of its kind. They recognised the quality behind this intriguing concept and joined forces with artist/project designer Jelena Banda and the festival’s creative team, the Zebra/GrThe public got to know some of the most interesting artists in the field of illustration from eight EU countries.

During its opening night, the festival introduced works by a number of guest illustrators, including Booboo Tannenbaum (Croatia), Ivana Pipal (Croatia), Linnch (Montenegro), Miron Milić (Croatia), Zoran Pungerčar (Slovenia) and Sretan Bor (Serbia). They introduced their work and were available to answer any illustration-related questions throughout the first week of the festival.


During the second week the focus was on artists chosen by the jury from among a list of more than 200 at the 36 MOUNTAINS public contest. The finalists, who come from Slovenia, Croatia, France, Germany, Sweden, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, shared their art and the ideas behind the projects they prepared for the festival.