ITD & School of Humanity

What better way to develop an AR app for kids than in collaboration with future generations of developers, software engineers, designers, makers, and creative thinkers?

This year, we had the opportunity to collaborate with the School of Humanity, a fantastic, globally accessible, enriching online high school offering an interdisciplinary curriculum and innovative learning model created to develop students’ skills, mindsets, and behavior by working on real-world problems.

This wonderful collaboration started with an invitation from the School of Humanity to our CEO, Sara Božanić, to mentor a group of students on a creative challenge that ITD is currently facing. Working on the concept for our augmented reality book Cinda Real seemed the perfect challenge for this group of intelligent, capable, and ambitious young girls. And indeed, it was! They developed an engaging and inclusive concept that supports our further development of the AR app, which aims in turn to enrich the reader’s experience.


The creative challenge for this group was to propose an interactive and/or immersive augmented reality element for the first book in our Twisted Tales project – Cinda Real, aimed at children aged 6-10. As ITD had already developed a pilot interactive concept in the past,  which did not prove successful among the target group, the challenge was to refine the concept and make it interesting for both 6- and 10-year-olds.



The girls participating in the challenge were Akmaral Atalova, İrem Öztimur, Habiba El yousfi, Hajara Musa-Yusuf, Kamayani Richhariya, Raphaela Barros, and Salome Gvaramadze, aged 16 to 18. Building on relevant existing data and results of prototype testing, they came up with three engaging and innovative concepts:

1) Edit/create your avatar. This feature will enable readers to personalize their experience while reading the book, offering the option of changing existing character’s features or even designing new ones.

2) Design Cinda’s leg. They worked on improving the existing concept of designing the main character’s wooden leg to give the user a much more interactive experience and space for creative expression.

3) Cinda’s dance. In line with today’s trends and taking into account the target audience, they proposed to animate a scene in which Cinda can finally dance, by allowing the user to choose between a number of trending dance moves.

View the proposed solution here.


School of Humanity – rethinking the purpose of education

School of Humanity is an online-first high school offering learners from around the world the ability to develop the skills, mindsets, and behaviours they need to be ready for the future of work, and contribute to collective human progress as well. The online four-year High School, along with its Summer School and After School offerings, center on interdisciplinary learning pathways focused on global learners solving real-world problems in a collaborative, project-based, and personalized way.

We very much look forward to further deepening this cooperation!