Young Creative Entrepreneur Award – British Council

As a Young Creative Entrepreneur Alumni Member, Sara Božanić was invited by the Point People to take part in the British Council YCE’s research project, telling the story of the last ten years of the YCE Programme.

The project is designed to document the effect of the YCE’s on their sector and the creative economies in which they live.

In 2012 Sara Božanić was awarded a Young Creative Entrepreneur Award in the interactive sector by the British Council for sector development. Over the last ten years, the British Council has awarded more than 400 entrepreneurs. Their intention and goal now is to see how successful these people are and have been: Are these individuals connected and have they established working relations? How successful is the British Council in supporting these award recipients and offering them further help and support?

The resulting research will be used by the British Council to present a narrative about the benefits of supporting Creative Entrepreneurs to internal and external stakeholders. It will also be used as a basis for a new framework for measuring the impact of the programme on future Young Creative Entrepreneurs.