1.td Party

ITD’s ideas don’t stop here. 

The Institute for Transmedia Design recently celebrated their 1st birthday. To celebrate this special moment we decided to throw a party at the Antique Palace in the centre of Ljubljana and invite our co-workers and most important clients. To successfully reach the first milestone was a wonderful feeling, and we were excited to share it with the people who made it possible.

As a thank you, we wanted to organize something special for our ever-growing circle of associates.

We decided to invite two guitar players to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere, accompanied by delicious finger food, excellent local wine and delicate bubbly champagne. When processing the ideas of what to prepare for the event and knowing we wanted to avoid people getting bored or leaving too quickly, the ITD team came up with a fun mobile application that connects people and encourages social and business networking. Prior to the event, the participants each received an e-invitation that also included a few personal questions. Their responses were then gathered and processed, and saved to be used at the actual event.


Since phones are such an important part of our daily lives, they were made an important accessory at this party as well. During the course of the evening, each guest received several text messages with a cryptic content. Their job was to find the answer to all the given questions. These were pre-defined and based on a particular person who was also attending the party and had something in common with the person receiving the questions. Finally, the person who managed to gather the most correct answers by the end of the evening would be the one achieving the goal — meeting the most people — and therefore crowned the winner.

Needless to say, the event was a huge success, and the guests left with at least a few new contacts in their phones.

ITD’s ideas don’t stop here, however. We’re now in the process of developing a new idea: A Theatre at the Office. This will involve us hosting a monodrama inside our offices in order to stimulate our imagination and push the boundaries of our creativity to its limits.