Hegel in Multireality

Das Zukunftsbuch – the book of the future illuminating one of the most famous passages from one of the most demanding authors – GWF Hegel.

Hegel in Multireality – the book of the future is a transmedia project that aims to bring Hegel’s “Phenomenology of Spirit” to life by using innovative digital approaches to create an immersive reading journey, allowing the reader a better and deeper comprehension of the text. The project targets philosophy students and enthusiasts, yet it uses interactive and playful elements that make it appealing to both philosophy lovers but also people who never encountered Hegel’s work before.

The book of the future will illuminate one of the most famous passages in Hegel’s work known as the master-slave dialectic: ten pages which, though often thematized, have never been illustrated in such a form – Hegel in Multireality.

The book will be available in three formats: a bilingual AR book rich with interactive features to dig deeper into the meaning of Hegel’s work, an e-book which will allow users to add their own content and create additional useful contributions to the reading materials, and an online platform with an audiobook and additional audio materials.

Hegel in Multireality is produced by the Goethe-Institut Ljubljana in collaboration with the Institute for Transmedia Design, INVR.SPACE, Slovenian Book Agency JAK and ICI – Berlin Institute for Creative Inquiry.

The project will be presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2023 with Slovenia as the guest of honor.