The What’s next? conference

This was the third What’s Next?, Conference of Creative Industries, and was attended by more than 800 people.

In November 2015 the What’s Next? organised the Conference of Creative Industries in Lithuania. The conference, which took place over two days in November 2015, focused on the future thinkers – the educators of the new generation. They shared lessons on how to use tools such as design, storytelling, robots (and even food) to solve problems creatively or lead the industry with an open mind.

Sara Božanić was invited to the conference by the EC’s Creative Europe Desk. She was joined by numerous other speakers, among which were also  Jasmina Kallay, a screenwriter, novelist and transmedia creator, and Luka Piškurič, the co-founder of Poligon, a training ground for creative communities and the self-employed working in the field of creative economies, social enterprise and culture.


The programme was followed by a day of workshop-based Cross Media Training. Sara and Jasmina worked with Lithuanian film producers with whom they developed cross-media strategies for their projects while focusing mainly on building the technology advanced storytelling, i.e. how to spread their stories through different mediums using technology.

We’re excited about the next year’s conference and we look forward to meeting the guests and speakers that will help to co-create the event. Will we see you there?