Transmedia World

Transmedia is a wonderland of opportunity empowered for the 21st Century.
It is the point at which storytelling and technology intersect.

It is the art of communication that never sleeps, constantly travelling from one medium to another, from online to offline and vice versa, and engaging audiences to co-create stories.

Future Friends / Killer, Penguin, Tom, Doll Face / SpeculativeEdu / Ukrainian Sheriffs / Twisted Tales / Alternative Presents / Migrations / Gathered / 36 Mountains / The What’s next?
Sara Božanić : Designing Stories Dalibor Kazija : Visualising Stories Petra Bertalanič : Designing Content Žan Kafol : Coding Stories Jasmina Kallay : Designing Stories Ivica Mitrović : Designing Interactions Oleg Šuran : Visualising Stories Pika Novak : Designing Interactions