Twisted Tales amongst the best at Creative Europe MEDIA

Creative Europe is the European Commission’s framework programme for support to the audiovisual and cultural sectors. The sub-programme, MEDIA. supports the EU film and audiovisual industries financially, nurtures new technologies and helps launch projects with a European dimension.

It was October 6 when our animation project Twisted Tales wrote history. The message started as follows: “The idea to use traditional fairy tales to tell animated stories about social stigmas has dramatic potential and could be a good vehicle in reaching intended target groups with a complicated message. The application shows great enthusiasm and willingness on the part of producers to produce a TV series that will not only entertain children, but help them understand and cope with social stigmas and disabilities. The concept has a 360-degrees approach, a distinctive premise, and strong, character-driven recognizable narratives.”

We did it! Our application received 91.5 points, and as such has been selected for EU co-funding.

Twisted Tales is the first animated project in Slovenia to receive support from Creative Europe MEDIA. Out of 359 eligible applications, our Twisted Tales was amongst the ten selected projects from seven European countries. This is not only an historical achievement for our country, it’s also an encouraging message for all of Central Eastern Europe.

The Twisted Tales project introduces a transmedia approach to presenting different stigmas within six well-known fairy tales with a twist in the form of webisodes, an animated TV series, educational story apps, and VR exhibitions. The multidisciplinary approach brings traditional storytelling up-to-date and evolves new perspectives on familiar fairy tale storylines by introducing a stigma into each narrative.

By presenting the stigma within the familiar narratives of fairy tales, the participating child gets a familiar point of entry to exploring the stigma whilst simultaneously losing the stereotypical approach of fairy tales’ teaching young girls questionable life goals (for example, to marry a rich prince).

With MEDIA we are once again one step closer to making our Cinda Real dance to dance only.