Two Awards at the Warsaw Kids Film Forum go to: Twisted Tales!

We came to Warsaw with the intention of dancing – just dancing. Awarded with two awards, we will continue our dancing at the Financing Forum for Kids Content Award in Malmö, Sweden, and at Berlinale with Kids Regio in Berlin, Germany.

September 26-28 saw the 2018 Warsaw Kids Film Forum, Poland’s international pitching forum for films and television series aimed at the children’s market, ending up showcasing 36 projects in the pitching and script exchange sessions. The selection included projects from 13 different regions, all of which were competing for four awards. Amongst them was our Twisted Tales – a transmedia project intended for young children, parents, and educational institutions willing to work on the prevention of violence in a form suitable for kids, playful and gamified.

The adventure in Warsaw took place in the beautiful Muranów Cinema, a cinema for children, where the filmmakers of the selected projects had the opportunity to present their projects in front of a panel of both International and Polish decision makers, including distributors, producers, broadcasters, sales agents, film institutes, and funds. Twisted Tales was awarded with two awards: for Best Pitch and for Best Participatory Project.

See you at KIDS Regio Berlinale Meeting Point in Berlin and at the Financing Forum for Kids Content Award in Malmö!