We create, they connect – Cartoon 360

“It is an exciting moment
for any content producer
as there have never been
so many distribution prospects.
However, reaching eyeballs
may be quite a journey.”
(Cartoon Media)

Fairy tales make us disappear into a wonderful world of romance, magic and super powers. They show us miraculous things and bring us to the most wonderful places on Earth and beyond. Sadly, fairy tales often create a false reality for children. At most, they teach them that they can succeed in life by working hard; but what about the stigmas and the feelings children have to cope with in real life? Those were the questions we were asking ourselves at ITD when we came up with the idea of creating our own twisted fairy tale. Do you remember our re-telling of Cinderella?

Our tribe is very proud and happy. Our Cinda Real project is creating new partnerships and attracting closer attention on its way to becoming a twisted fairy tale.

It was in response to the message “Dear Producer, we thank you for the submission of your project Cinda Real and we have the pleasure to inform you that it has been accepted by the Selection Committee to be presented at Cartoon 360 (Barcelona, 30, 31 May–1 June 2016). So congratulations!” that Sara Božanić, our CEO, travelled to Barcelona, enthralled the audience and stole the judges’ hearts. The project received great praise from experts, as well as from the audience that took part in the event. Cinda once again became a story of new friendships and future cooperation.

CARTOON MEDIA is an international non-profit association supporting the European animation industry by hosting seminars, co-production forums and pitching events dedicated to animation professionals. CARTOON 360 is a pitching event that allows producers to pitch their cross-media animation projects in front of 25 leading animation and transmedia experts from various digital universes. It was an event that ITD was eager and proud to be selected for.

We’ve found our media naranja! 😉
(“When you’ve found The One, you say: I’ve found my media naranja – I found my soulmate. But it literally means ‘half an orange,’ as the Spanish associate a perfect couple with a full orange.” https://theculturetrip.com/europe/spain/articles/17-awesome-barcelona-expressions-you-need-in-your-life/)